About Buildwithin

BuildWithin was started by a Founding Team of techies, educators and former apprentices who believe in the potential of all people. We know that anyone, when given the proper access, resources and training can move into a career that they are passionate about AND be successful in. Hence, our company motto of "Potential over Credential"!

Potential Over Credential

The story behind Buildwithin

BuildWithin was developed out of necessity. Our team ran a tech start up for many years and we could never find enough candidates who had the technical skills we needed to fill critical roles. So we decided to grow our own talent.

We started an apprenticeship that ended up staffing about 30% of our workforce. We know this model works and believe others can utilize it if they have the right tools. BuildWithin is a software platform that employers can use to accelerate team member productivity utilizing apprenticeships, onboarding & training and upskilling.

Our values

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Learning Is a Journey

Life’s best lessons don’t happen in a classroom, they happen in the world.

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AHA Moments Occur When We Learn By Doing

The most effective instructional moments happen when we apply what we learned in real-life situations.

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Potential Over Credential

While not everyone has a degree, everyone has skills and potential. If given the right opportunities and training, anyone can achieve great things.

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“Good Enough” Isn’t Good Enough

We build and deliver only the best products and services to our customers.

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We Are All Owners

Every day we take initiative to make our company better because of our sense of obligation to each other and our community.

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